Sunday, 20 December 2015

MozCafe Dec 2015

MozCafe December 2015

The Mozilla Pune community met over the MozCafe at 19th December at C-DAC Aundh. The agenda for this MozCafe was very simple :
- Introduce the newbies to the various Task Forces within Mozilla Pune
- MozCafe reforms
- Privacy month (January 2016)
- Contribution pathways and Mozilla goals for 2016
- Orlando updates
- Open House discussion 

The MozCafe started at 4 pm and the first topic of discussion was the Task Force structure in Mozilla Pune. The Task Force structure was taken up by Diwanshi who, in her discussion included points like the structure need, functionality areas and expectations from the task force team members. Following her discussion, the task force owner of each team came forward to discuss his/her task force’s role and functionality areas to the audience. This activity helped the participants to choose those areas in which they can contribute and also the person from whom they can get the guidance as to how to contribute in that specific contribution area.

The MozCafes which would be happening in 2016 will follow a reformed format in which specific time would be allotted for :
- Events TFT to discuss the impact assessment of the past events and planning the future events.
- Mozilla updates
- Task centric activities which will help to add more knowledge about a particular feature
- Open House    

The month of January is declared as the Privacy month. The Privacy TFT of Mozilla Pune had some updates to share and accordingly Ankit Gadgil, Diwanshi, Siddhartha Rao, Ankit Mehta and Siddharth Bhatt spoke about the activities which are planned by the task force and how they would be carrying it on a broader scale. On each day starting from 1st January till 31st January, a privacy tip would be shared on various social media platforms. The user can learn a lot from such tips about how he/she can protect the privacy on the web. The Privacy TFT will collaborate with the Localization TFT to avail tips in the local languages as well.

The next topic on the agenda was the Mozilla goals for 2016. Ankit Gadgil volunteered for this topic and spoke about the various goals set by Mozilla in 2016. He also discussed about the contribution areas would be in prime focus in 2016. The recent decisions on various areas like the Reps 2.0 were also a part of his discussion. The Orlando updates would be shared in the next MozCafe which is scheduled on 16th January (Saturday).

In the Open House discussion, the participants were asked about anything which they would love to discuss or get more information. Accordingly, following points were discussed.

It was thus a great MozCafe, the last one of 2015 \o/

Friday, 18 December 2015

MILE at Sarthak Seva Kendra (Follow-up Event)

MILE at Sarthak Seva Kendra (Follow-up Event)

Date : 13th Dec 2015 Sunday

A MILE follow up was organized at Sarthak Seva Kendra on 13th Dec. The dynamic team members for this event were Prathamesh Chavan, Diwanshi Pandey, Priyanka Nag and Sayak Sarkar. This follow up event was special as Red Hat, a reputed organization, had donated 5 laptops to Sarthak. The agenda for this event was to install an operating system in these flashed laptops and teach the kids how to use a laptop, introduce them to a webpage and a web browser.

The team left Pune at 9 am and reached Sarthak at 11.30 am. The team, on their way to Sarthak, took a small halt at Singapore \o/ :D .

The team divided itself into 2 groups : Prathamesh and Sayak installed Ubuntu Mate OS on the laptops and Diwanshi and Priyanka taught the students the basic laptop operations. It was a great fun for the team as well as for the students. After 2 hours of inputs, the OS was installed in all the 5 laptops and over 30 students learned the operations of the laptops.

After a delicious lunch with the kids, the team drove back to Pune.