Thursday, 29 January 2015

MILE at Hire Highschool


MILE at Hire Highschool

Date : 17th January 2015
Location : Hire Highschool, Pune
Duration : 2 Hours

No. of attendees : 100 approximate

Mile Team :
- Prathamesh Chavan (F.S.A.)
- Aman Sehgal (F.S.A.)
- Suchita Agarwal (F.S.A.)

MILE team

Guests Mozillians present :
- Laura De Reynal (Mozilla Employee)
- Sayak Sarkar (Mozilla Representative)
- Gauthamraj Elango (Mozilla Representative)

Event Report :

The MILE event was organized in a school which has students coming from a very low income based families. Some students are the first generation of their family to attend schooling. Hence, the MILE team chose this school and organized a web literacy session.

 Suchita giving a brief introduction about Technology.

The students knew about computers as they were taught the computer subject in the school. Grasping their knowledge level, the MILE team delivered a session which included the following topics :
- A brief introduction about Computer and Technology
- What is WEB ?
- Activities on the INTERNET
- Videos featuring the practical internet mechanism

 Prathamesh explaining about the Internet basics.

 At the end of the session, the attendees were educated about HTML tags and using which the steps to design the web page. Students enjoyed this part as they marveled over the ease in making their own web page.

Aman answering the questions from the enthusiastic attendees.

 Students learning the steps to design a web page.

We are very much thankful to the school authority for helping us in all possible manner during the event. A special thanks to Laura, Sayak and Gauthamraj for being with us and helping us in making the project a big success. 

Mozillians !

Saturday, 24 January 2015

#MakerFest2015 @Ahmedabad

#MakerFest2015 @Ahmedabad



10th January and 11th January 2015
Venue : CEPT University, Ahmedabad

Mozillans present :
- Sujith Reddy
- Santosh Vishwanatham
- Mayur Patil
- Abid Aboobaker
- Ajay Kumar Jogawath
- Tripad Mishra
- Prathamesh Chavan

My journey to MakerFest2015 started on 9th January with my friend and one of my mentor Tripad accompanying me. I was very very excited since this was the first time I was representing Mozilla outside my hometown Pune. It was very special for me as I was about to meet some of the very active Mozillians from India.

After reaching Ahmedabad, me and Tripad immediately headed to the fest where a totally exciting, enthusiastic world was awaiting. From wonders of 3D printing to simple idea turned amazing techno-art, everything unique was roped-in. The ever amazing Mozillians team managed by THE awesome Sujith was the star attraction among all other booths. Sujith, Santosh, Mayur, Abid , Ajay and Tripad became my Corinthian family.

The Mozillian team was to conduct sessions on internet awareness and webmaker tools. I got a chance to engage the attendees with topics ranging from web literacy to teach and explain webmaker tools. These awesome tools became so popular in the fest that the Mozilla booth was always filled with enthusiast hungry for experiencing the same.

I learned and got a chance to check out the new trending tech and also the Indian invention or replacement of Google Glass. I also got a chance to actually ride the mono-wheeled cycle which was totally awesome. +1 to everything.

I also took this representation opportunity for commencing the Geolocation project in the city of Ahmedabad by stumbling in most of the visited parts of the city. It was a great experience to be the first one to do it.

I thank Mozilla for giving me such a great opportunity to represent at MakerFest2015.