Saturday, 21 May 2016

Mozilla Contribution Day at STES

Mozilla Contribution Day at STES

Date : 8th March 2016 Tuesday
Venue : Dept. of IT, Smt. Kashibai Navale College of Engineering

The Firefox Club STES had organized a contribution day event on 8th March on the occasion of Women’s Day. The aim of this event was to keep up with the Super March initiative of Mozilla Pune community. The agenda was inclined with the women-centric topics as well as with the Super March goals and included the following points :
- Mozilla L10n
- Mozilla Developers Network
- WoMoz
Accordingly, there were talks as well as hands-ons activities for the generic participants who wished to contribute towards various Mozilla projects.
The event started with 2 parallel tracks : Mozilla L10n and Mozilla Developers Network.
Mozilla L10n was a handson activity in which about 29 participants had enrolled. It also covered a general introduction to Mozilla contribution areas and The participants were given a detailed info about L10n in general and how to localize strings. This track saw many string submissions in many Indian languages. Prathamesh Chavan, Tanmayee Khadilkar and Saurabh Chivate mentored this track. 

Mozilla Developers Network was taken up by Tejas Kale, Shivraj Kadam and Dhanashri Kadu. The main points which were covered in this track were introduction to MDN, how useful it is to developers and how to make use of it in active learning.

The next session was based on WoMoz. Since it was the Women’s Day, the club’s leading women presented some aspiring stories of women in Mozilla and urged all the female participants to step up and come forward to contribute in various projects. Swati Hulyalkar, Meghali Rane and Soni Kriplani were the elites of this session.

After the lunch break, there were various lightening talks on new technologies and happenings in open source were organized. Many participants looked excited after attending this session. A post event feedback session was also organized in which the participants and the speakers got a frank time to interact with each other.

Looking at the satisfied audience, the event was a great success.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Bricked Flame

Bricked Flame


What exactly is this problem ?

A bricked device is a device which won't turn on in any way and there's nothing you can do to fix it. It is as useful as a brick. In case of the Flame device, when you try to switch it on, it only shows the Firefox OS logo and shuts down.

Solution to this problem :

The operating system used to solve this problem is Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro .There are in all 9 steps to solve this problem.

Step 1 : Download and install SDK in your Windows machine.

Step 2 : Download the Firefox OS image of any version which you wish to install from this link :

Step 3 : Copy this image in the location where you have installed your SDK file. Example : C Drive> Users > (Username) > AppData > Local > Android > SDK > platform-tools  
Uncompress the image in that location.

Step 4 : Connect your device to the machine with the help of USB cable. Long press Power and Volume Up buttons. Choose option ‘apply update from ADB’.

Step 5 : Open Command Prompt (Open in administrator)

Step 6 : Goto the location where the image has been uncompressed.

Step 7 : Type the command ‘adb devices’ next to the path. You will be able to see the Flame device in sideload.

Step 8 : Type the command ‘flash.bat’ and it will start processing further.

Step 9 : After the process is over, the device will enter into fastboot mode. If this doesn’t happen then it can be done manually by long pressing Power and Volume Down buttons of the Flame device.
Bingo! Your Flame will now run on the installed version. 

Just in case :
If you face any issues regarding phone connectivity, you may also need to download the Alcatel USB drivers for the Flame device.

Contributors : Nehal Kadu and Prathamesh Chavan
 Tags : Firefox OS, Alcatel Flame, Bricked Device