Saturday, 6 September 2014

Ganesh Festival Maker Party in Pune

Ganesh Festival Maker Party in Pune

Organiser :
Prathamesh Chavan (F.S.A.)

Venue :
Vrindavan Co-Op Hsg Society , Pune

Dates :
29-08-2014 :: Internet for beginners
31-08-2014 :: Privacy & Security
03-09-2014 :: Internet Hands-on

Time : 9 pm to 10 pm

Speakers :
Internet for beginners :: Prathamesh Chavan (F.S.A.)
Privacy & Security :: Ankit Mehta (F.S.A.)
Internet Hands-on :: Prathamesh Chavan (F.S.A.)

Supported by :
- Sayak Sarkar (Mozilla Representative)
- Ankit Gadgil (Mozilla Representative)
- Priyanka Nag (Mozilla Representative)
- Mozilla Pune Community

Event Details :

Internet for beginners

The event was attended by the people belonging to different age groups and from different work background (Housewives,Manual job-oriented Employers,Retired personals,Kids). And so, the basic idea of the event was to focus on the people who don't use the internet much.Hence, the basic concepts regarding the internet were covered.

Topics discused :
- Internet (Definition)
- World Wide Web
- Web Browsers
- IP Address
- Open Source and Closed Source

Prathamesh Chavan explaining Internet definitions

Privacy & Security

A brief background interlinked with the history was explained in this session. The attendees were explained the pros and cons of Internet Security and were given tips as how to keep their personal information safeguarded on internet.
Ankit Mehta explaining Internet Privacy and Security

Internet Hands-On

The final day was dedicated to make people learn how to browse and use the internet. The attendees thus were able to practically understand what was conveyed in the previous sessions.

Feedback :

"I am bookseller and I sell books. We have many books related to IP Addressing. I didn't knew what it was until you explained us about it. Thank you !"
- Mr. Shah

"We learn internet in our school was I understood what it is exactly after you explained us the real links. Thank you !"
- Renuka (6th Grade Student)

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