Sunday, 26 July 2015

MozCafe Pune (July 2014)

MozCafe Pune

A MozCafe was planned by the Pune Community to inaugurate its much awaited ‘Pune Community Space’. This MozCafe was one of the most exciting ones as the community had been searching a space for organizing upstream events for the core contributors who are willing to learn and contribute to the Mozilla projects.

The agenda for the MozCafe apart from inaugurating the space was to discuss the future events of the Mozilla Pune Community. The community analyzed some of the factors which affected the events format and suggested reforms in the Mozilla Pune Events Task Force. The analysis was based on the number of contributions and the quality of contributions in terms of core areas. The community also designed a road map to encourage upstream contributions.

The event attendees were :
- Yadni Chavan
- Sohan Bandewar
- Ankit Gadgil
- Diwanshi Pandey
- Sayak Sarkar
- Priyanka Nag
- Aman Sehgal
- Aniket Deshpande
- Akshay Chitwar
- Prathamesh Chavan
and Newbies…

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