Wednesday, 18 April 2018

A quarter mark!

The area of Mixed Reality amazes me every time I try to deep dive in it. And explaining stuff about the same is the best part. The past three months which were February, March and April were very special for me because there were many occasions where I could teach people about A-frame in workshops and talks.

I was invited as a A-frame speaker at the below events :

These events were very diverse in terms of participation and geographical locations. It was a great fun to deliver the Mixed Reality content in front of a vivid audience. It was not just teaching but personally I got a chance to explore the vast scope which the MR offers in many ways.

The talks and workshops covered the areas like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, the scope of Mixed Reality, various hardware associated with it and remixing the A-Frame code.

Apart from signing the songs of Reality, I was quite fortunate to travel and explore new places and meeting and understanding the local community members was a cherry on top. It is always a pleasure to connect the dots and build a transparent environment. Mozilla Reps Council is something which I can relate here.

I am very thankful to all the people who hosted me during these last three months. Special thanks to Umesh, Shahidji, Faisal and Sara, Vaibhav, Ranodeep, Shahbaz, Pranshu, Pushpita, Viral, Shina, Aadarsh and the amazing team of volunteers.

Here are some of the pics :)


  1. Awesome blog, thank you for giving chance to host you :)

  2. I enjoyed co-hosting session with you. It was a wonderful experience to be around such an inspirational tech speaker. Recently shared your "Virtual Girlfriend" story at LPU :-), see the response

    I would love to co-host in future as well.