Monday, 1 October 2018

A year as a Mozilla Reps Councilman

The nominations for the Reps Council elections Autumn 2017 were opened on 27th Oct 2017 and I had shared my Councilman’s plan on 1st November 2017. My plan was focused more on sustainable improvements and accommodating contemporary interests. It was my first time to take a leap from being a Reps Mentor to a member of the Reps Council and my knowledge and perception about the Reps Council was new and ambitious. I am thankful to all the Reps who had supported me and I feel that it is my responsibility to present my tenure report as a member of the Reps Council. I am sharing the highlights since most of the content is protected by the Non-Disclosure Agreement.

The three most-important issues/suggestions/vision with which I had contested the Reps Council Autumn 2017 elections were :
1) Opportunities for new Contributors and Reps
2) Communications
3) Scalability

In Opportunities for new Contributors and Reps, my thought-process was streamlined to the idea of creating a portal which will have information about Mozilla projects, contribution areas and staff POCs and this could be an improved version of . In the All Hands 2018 SF, I had taken up this discussion with the relevant staff and when we were exploring the possibilities, it came to our notice that infrastructure for such portal and maintaining the same could be a challenge and might take a lot of time. Thus, there was no immediate action possible and the status of this idea was indefinite.

Communications was the dearest point in the agenda for me and I had started working on the same from the very initial days in my Reps Council tenure. I started working on improving and restructuring the Reps Monthly Newsletter and getting a team in place. With the help and support of my fellow Councilmen and Councilwomen, I was able to come up with a Reps Monthly Newsletter team applications ( I am happy to say that the current Reps Monthly Newsletter team is doing an amazing job and hope to see such great work been continued. Apart from the Reps Monthly Newsletter, one of the most important events for the Reps is the All Hands. It is a platform where new products, policies and plans are presented. I was in my Reps Council onboarding phase when the All Hands 2017 Austin was about to happen and so I thought of not attending the All Hands since I was still a trainee and was unclear about the impact which I can have in the team meetings of the Reps Council as a new member. However, I attended the All Hands 2018 SF and came up with a All Hands report (

Thirdly, my agenda for the Reps Council Autumn 2017 elections covered the point of scalability. The idea was to empower the Reps Mentors and help new Reps get on-board. This plan is currently getting worked and I am happy to be supportive in this regards.

As a Council member, I worked on various other projects and initiatives. The Mozilla Reps logo needed an update as per the new branding guidelines and the Reps Council, the Branding team and volunteers worked together to come up with the Reps logo ( I was fortunate to serve as as a Council chair from April 2018 to May 2018. I am also a part of the Review Team as a representative from the Reps Council replacing the then Council member Ankit Gadgil (25th June 2018 till today i.e. 2nd Oct 2018).

I personally feel that as a elected member, it is my personal responsibility to be accountable for all the actions and commitments for which I was nominated and this blog is one such efforts of being transparent. Because of the NDA agreement, I cannot be more open and elaborate than this. I would again like to thank all the Reps and everyone at the Reps Council for being supportive and motivative.



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