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31st Oct 2015

31st Oct 2015

31st Oct was one of the big days for the entire Pune Community. The day witnessed 3 back to back events which involved a lot of attendees joining in to attend the introductory talks on Open Source, Mozilla and the ways in which one can start contributing. The events for that day were :
- Club Launch at College of Engineering Pune
- Freshmen orientation at Cummins College of Engineering
- MozCafe October

The first event which was the club launch event at COEP saw an audience presence of 45 (approx.). My talk was focused on the idea of Open Source and Mozilla and a detail overview of . The other modules which were discussed were Mozilla Developers Network by Priyanka Nag, Privacy and Security by Siddhartha Rao and Ankit Mehta. I later spoke about the L10n module within Mozilla as a part of the discussion. The Marathi version of Firefox was demonstrated to the audience and this part was the one which the audience felt was more cooler and amazing.

The next event was the freshmen orientation at Cummins College. The audience belonged to the first year of their engineering course and thus was very excited for this event. I initially started with the definitions of Open Source and the contribution pathways in it. I also included the Mozilla mission and contribution opportunities in this module. Priyanka Nag then spoke about the documentation module in which she briefly covered the difference between the technical writer and content writer, Mozilla Developers Network and how to start in the documentation area. Shagufta Methwani then spoke about the Webmaker mobile application. Sourabh Chivate and I then spoke about the Mozilla Location Service and how to use the Mozilla Stumbler application. We also did a hands-on on the Mozilla Stumbler application and got as many as 54 female MLS contributors on board.

Mozcafe October was the final event for that day. In this Mozcafe, the Pune Community discussed about the various important events which are going to be conducted in the period between December to February and came with new plans and ideas to present the same.   

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